Pedestrian Injuries

Vulnerable On The Street, But Formidable In Court

Drivers and bicyclists who hit pedestrians will blame the pedestrian, distractions on the street or any other reason to avoid the blame. As the victim of a pedestrian accident, you may need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in order to obtain the compensation you deserve.

At Caesar, Napoli & Spivak PLLC, our attorneys are skilled at investigating pedestrian accidents and countering the tactics of insurance companies. We seek full compensation for our clients' losses and suffering in such cases, including the financial resources that can pay for needed medical care. For skillful advocacy in a pedestrian accident case, turn to the NYC personal injury attorneys at Caesar, Napoli & Spivak PLLC

Dedicated And Effective Lawyers For Injured Pedestrians

Our law firm has experience in cases involving catastrophic injuries that are typically caused by bicycle accidents, including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and broken hips. In cases involving these types of life-changing injuries, we utilize the services of a life care planner and an economist. The life care planner is a medical professional who can develop a complete list of all of the medical care, rehabilitation therapy and personal services the accident victim will need for the rest of his or her life. We then provide the plan to the economist, who projects the costs of these services into the future, adjusting them to reflect the effects of inflation. Our New York pedestrian injury attorneys will then seek full compensation for these costs, as well as other compensable losses, including lost income and pain and suffering.

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